Thursday, October 14, 2010

Donations Needed - Charity Case

Somebody I know in VA has a cat that needs I131 treatment to cure its hyperthyroidism because it CANNOT take methimazole. The treatment is estimated at about $1300. I figure if we can find 130 people around the US to give $10 each, nobody will even notice the dent in their wallets.

Donations for the care of the cat "Delenn" (owner's name Mary ___) may be sent to Radiocat at: Radiocat, 6651-F Backlick Rd., Springfield, VA 22150

You can speak to Lynn on staff there - she is coordinating the effort. 703-451-8900

If you have any more questions you can call and ask me and I can contact the cat's owner online but this case is legitimate. She is on a fixed income due to a permanent disability.