Friday, October 22, 2010

Now that it's flu season, a request

That time of year is upon us again, when people start coming down with all sorts of nasty viruses. Alison and I both managed to pick one up at the same time this week, and I think I even know who it was. This caused half a day of lost work (and a ruined day off) for Alison, and 1 1/2 days of missed work for me.

PLEASE, if you are ill with something you suspect is contagious, stay home unless it is absolutely imperitive that you go out and about. The close quarters of an exam room is a perfect place to spread your viruses - just think how close our heads get when I am examining your cat. And also think how often I handle your carrier or other possessions in the process - these fomites also help to spread illness.

Just remember this: contagious diseases are CONTAGIOUS.

Oh, and H1N1 flu, which can kill cats, is still out there.