Thursday, September 30, 2010

FDA warns pet owners about buying online pet meds

Source: Paw Print Post

"Buyer beware, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns Tuesday with this video and announcement, especially when it comes to ads that say you don't need a veterinarian's prescription. You could kill a dog, for instance, that has heartworms by giving it heartworm meds and kill cats and small dogs by giving them certian tick and flea meds.

"We've had other posts about what safety labels to look for when buying online drugs. Some online dealers are reputable, but Patty Khuly, a veterinarian who writes a column for USA TODAY, suggests it's really most safe to get drugs from your vet.

"Maybe when you go looking for a vet you could inquire about prices of medications. I'm lucky. Turns out my vet has the best prices for meds.

"FDA reported Tuesday it has found companies that sell unapproved pet drugs and counterfeit pet products, make fraudulent claims, dispense prescription drugs without requiring a prescription, and sell expired drugs. A copy of the information you can print out can be found on their website."

I have cautioned clients for years about buying supposed bargain pet medications online because we have known for eyars about the risk of buying counterfeit products. But there are a lot of other reasons to avoid these shysters.

We currently only recommend one online source for medications and use them for a lot of our compounded specialty medications: VetCentric.

Here's a direct link to the FDA's PDF on buying pet medications online.