Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little Miss(ed) Pancake Needs A Home

You may recall how a stray kitten was brought in to us a couple of weeks ago after colliding with the wheel of a passing car. She had a head injury and some cuts and scrapes and bruises, from which she has completely healed.

Little Miss(ed)Pancake (called that because she just missed becoming a pancake) is 10 weeks old, using her litter box uneventfully, plays normally with people and toys, and loves to lie in your lap and sleep. She has been dewormed and vaccinated once against FVRCP, and is ready to go to a new home.

Unfortunately, the kind man who saved her life by bringing her in has not followed through with his plan to adopt her, so we are putting her on the open market. Please contact the front desk to arrange to meet her if you are interested. We will be insisting that she be kept 100% indoors, and that she go to a home with another cat (she obviously misses having her mom/littermates around). She will need two more visits for preventive care over the next 2 months, and will need to be spayed after that.