Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WSU's Green Glove Dance Video - An Instant Classic!

When I think back on my time in vet school, most my memories are of endless hard work, both physical and intellectual, of nights with inadequate or no sleep, of impossible amounts of medical knowledge to comprehend and assimilate, and of exams and more exams, and fear of not passing, and, well, you probably get it. Stress enough to kill most mortals.

But then there were those odd moments of fun and games: admitting a june bug to ICU and presenting the case in rounds (those all-nighters could get dull and we just wanted to perk things up), of practical jokes on professors, and of course at the student banquet my senior year, the student-made film (back in the days before digital video) "Mr. Bill Goes To CSU-VTH" (cue the falsetto voice crying "OH, NO!!!").

I never thought that last one would be topped, but it finally has been. I present to you, without further comment, this stellar effort from the WSU DVM Class of 2011:

And yes, that DOES appear to be the faculty and staff of their Veterinary Teaching Hospital!