Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our Electrical/Phone Problem Today

If any of you tried to call the office today before 11 AM, the phone probably just rang and rang. You can thank the local miscreants who vandalized our fusebox outside and cut all electrical power to us (and did a number on the print shop's electricity, too).

Our telephones depend on electricity, so when we lose one we automatically lose the other.

All I knew was that the power was off, so I called DWP. They eventually showed up and informed me that the building was missing a key piece of equipment and that it was the owner's problem and not DWP's. So I called my landlord and an electrician. My eagle-eyed landlord found the missing piece of equipment out by the dumpster, slightly damaged by being thrown, and the electrician reinstalled it, which is a good thing, because a replacement would have cost $1200. So we finally had power again, but the morning was mostly shot.

Can somebody explain to me why on earth anyone feels that doing this sort of damage to someone else's property is a productive use of their time and energy? I just don't get it. I never have.