Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Insurance For Kitty Might Be A Good Idea

One of my longstanding clients was recently laid off and is facing an uncertain future. He nonetheless took it upon himself to bring one of his older cats in for its annual vaccinations and recommended laboratory tests. I was a bit surprised to uncover a serious but unsuspected kidney problem, and so was the client. But he's not losing sleep over the costs because he has faithfully paid for pet insurance for a few years, knowing that this day could come. A large portion of the diagnostic lab tests and medications and ongoing treatment will be covered by his policy.

I have always told my clients that the best insurance out there is good preventive medical care. But in spite of our best efforts and responsible pet parenting, bad luck has a way of happening, and at all the wrong times. In this difficult economy, I am more enthusiastic about pet insurance than I have been. It helps that there are more and more companies involved as years go by.

Here's a list of current pet insurance providers with web links:
Hartville Group Inc.
Embrace Pet Insurance
Pet First Healthcare
Petplan USA
Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI)
Pet Partners Inc.
Pets Best Insurance
24Petwatch Insurance
Purinacare Pet Health Insurance

We do not recommend or endorse any particular company or companies. VPI has been around the longest. The consumer needs to carefully evaluate insurance plans and find what fits best with their budget and needs. But when lightning strikes, it's nice to know some of the costs will be covered.