Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Online Resources: Part 1 - General Feline Wellness

AAFP's most recent Feline Lifestyle Guidelines have a great listing of web resources for cat owners. I'm dividing them into three separate posts grouped according to general subject. First we will cover general wellness, including dental issues.

Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) WellCat - Wellcat Log - this is an organization in the UK so they word some things differently than we do in the US. But it's a good document anyway.

Morris Animal Foundation - Happy Healthy Cat Campaign - they have an ancillary site, Catster, and some videos I like.

Veterinary Partner - This is a fabulous resource with lots of new information being added all the time. Brought to you by VIN, the best web resource for veterinarians.

CATalyst Council - Click on "Facts, Fun, & Resources" - more great videos.

AAHA's Healthy Pet website (feline section)

Veterinary Oral Health Council - fair warning - there is a nasty photo of a dog's neglected mouth on the front page. Click on "What is periodontal disease?" over on the left side.

That ought to keep you busy for a while. There will be a quiz in July, so read up and take notes!!