Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh Noes, I Forgot About The Bunnies!

Dear Rabbit Owners:

Please forgive me. In the year or so that I have been blogging, I have completely failed to REMEMBER THE BUNNIES. Granted, with the economic "downturn"/collapse, demand for rabbit medical care seems to have dried up, but I still feel an obligation to provide a little health care info for bunny owners.

My favorite source for rabbit information is over at the House Rabbit Society. I also have a handout on rabbit nutrition that I give clients when they come in with their bunny.

Probably the single most important thing to remember when it comes to preventing disease in rabbits is: feed grass hay, and plenty of it. Rabbits are much like horses in that they have a cecum, and require vast amounts of fiber in the form of GRASS HAY to maintain optimum health and a well-functioning gastrointestinal tract.

The second most important condition I see bunnies for is an overenthusiastic attitude toward sex. With anything and everything, including pillows, the cat, and children's heads. If I had a nickel for every male mini lop rabbit, in particular, that needed to be neutered on a near-emergency basis, I could retire today.

Pet rabbits don't get vaccinations of any kind, but they do benefit from an annual examination and consultation about proper husbandry practices. So if you HAVE a pet rabbit and it's been a while, give us a call.