Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Phone Call From The WTF Department

While we are on the subject of bunnies........Alison tells me we just got a phone call along these lines:

Caller: Do you guys have any dead rabbits?

Alison: (pause)

Alison: (wonders if somebody is pranking her)

Alison: Uh, no?

Caller: Ok, bye.

We surmise that the caller needs a free dead bunny for some sort of school project, but we could be mistaken. Maybe we should have referred her to the freezer case at Gelson's, where you CAN get dead rabbits, but they are skinned and cleaned, so that probably wouldn't work. And they are pricey, at $9 a pound last I checked.

Alison, who somehow knows these things, tells me you can buy young feeder rabbits at reptile stores and they will do the deed for you. Being in the business of trying to keep rabbits alive, this wasn't something I made a point of learning on my own.