Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Product for Managing Feline Hyperthyroidism

Exciting news! Hills Pet Nutrition has just introduced a new Prescription Diet product specifically for managing feline hyperthyroidism.

Y/D is available in both canned and dry. Along with limiting the amount of iodine so as to reduce thyroid hormone production, the food is formulated to ease the work load on the kidneys. As many of you are aware, treatment of overactive thyroid gland in the cat can in some cases lead to diminished kidney function - a classic Catch 22 because untreated hyperthyroidism is itself fatal.

It is hoped that this new dietary means of managing thyroid disease will make use of methimazole less necessary as a temporary measure in cats that go on to receive I131 therapy (curative) and as long-term management for thyroid cats with kidney disease and those who cannot tolerate methimazole's potential side effects.

If your hyperthyroid cat is on methimazole, please ask us about Y/D the next time you are in, or feel free to call.