Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Helpful Product for Enticing Your Cat Into the Carrier

A client reported to me this week that they had tremendous success in getting their cats into their carriers (and enjoying a quiet ride here) after using At Ease calming spray. It's made by Whisker City and they got it at PetSmart.

I think it's worth a try and plan to get some for my own cats. If enough clients show interest or report to me that it works I will carry it here with the other retail items at the front desk.

Before using, be sure to clean the carrier thoroughly. Spray the terrycloth towel that you MUST lay in the bottom, but also spray the carrier's interior.

You DO lay a folded towel in the bottom of your carrier, right?? If your cat pees, you want it to absorb rather than winding up with a dripping cat. I get tired of having to do all that cleanup while I should be examining the cat.