Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rabies Update at Worms & Germs

Anytime you start thinking I am a bit obsessive about rabies, go over to Dr. Scott Weese's blog, Worms & Germs. He posts about it probably four times as often as I do, and most of the rest of the time he's posting about, well, worms and other germs.

Anyway, he has some great comments, and then a link to ProMed's actual update.

The ProMed report states that the majority of human rabies cases in the US are caused by the bat strain. I have read elsewhere that in most of those cases, the actual bat contact appeared to have gone unnoticed and unremarked. I find myself wondering if CATS infected with the bat strain could be serving as a vector - it would go unnoticed, and would explain the lack of known bat contact........Back east most feline rabies is due to the raccoon strain (because the raccoon rabies there is seriously out of control), but here in the west, if I remember correctly, cats tend to get the bat strain more than anything else.

Things that make you go HMMMMMM.........