Friday, July 23, 2010

Good News For The Neighborhood (not about cats)

We all breathed a huge sigh of relief around these parts this week when fencing went up (FINALLY) indicating the start of the remodeling over at Corbin Village shopping center across the street from us - this is going to culminate in a brand new, fancy Von's Pavilions store opening up in March 2011.

That shopping center, built in the 60's, has sat virtually empty for almost a decade. We heard promises about a grocery store going in there, but nothing ever happened for years. So this is a big relief and will help improve the appearance of the neighborhood and maybe even stimulate business for a lot of small businesses nearby due to increased traffic and visibility.

Plus, a source for cat treats (and people treats, too) will be a lot closer.

ETA: Also, the huge tacky 60's architectural abomination formerly known as Woodland Casual (patio furnishings) just across Oakdale from the clinic has finally got a new tenant - a ballet and yoga studio. The bad news: the pink and burgundy paint job. Let's hope they are really successful so they can afford to repaint it after a consultation with someone other than a bordello owner.