Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Sudden, Unexplained Dog Problem

Cat's Meow Veterinary Clinic is a hospital just for cats (and the odd rabbit or rat). We do not treat dogs. Our cat-owning clients bring their pets here specifically because they know there are no dogs on the premises, nor are there going to be any dogs on the premises to cause their cat(s) undue stress at any time. We work very hard to make sure our feline patients do not get frightened or upset needlessly while here, and keeping dogs far away is key to that.

For whatever reason, over the past 10 days at least 3 or 4 people have walked into the waiting room with their perfectly healthy (and sometimes very large) dog(s) in tow or in arms. Fortunately no cats have been in the waiting room at the same time, but that's just sheer luck. An unexpected dog combined with a cat loose in someone's arms (something we also strongly discourage but cannot completely prevent) is a recipe for injury and even death. All of our advertising specifies Practice Limited to Cats, as does the large lettering on our front window. So I don't get it.

Out of desperation we have placed a small sign at eye level on the front door that says No Dogs Please. We ask that people respect our wishes so we can provide the safest and least traumatic hospital experience possible for our patients.

As I've said before: we love dogs. We really do. We just cannot permit them inside our CAT hospital for safety reasons. I cringe to think what would have happened to my mascot, Dusty, if she had been here these past 2 weeks - she was absolutely terrified of dogs, and spent most of 10 years on the front counter where she would have been within easy reach of a large dog's teeth or a tiny dog's shrill bark.