Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some Disturbing Food For Thought

Those of you who have known me a while probably know I have a keen interest in food security/food safety issues, and not just as they relate to veterinary medicine. Dr. Alice Villalobos, who has the veterinary cancer referral clinic down the street on Wednesdays has written an excellent article on the subject in this month's Veterinary Practice News.

While my views on the livestock industry lean more "animal welfare" than "animal rights", I agree that the film "Food, Inc." and the books "Fast Food Nation", "The Omnivore's Dilemma", and "In Defense of Food" are all well worth their acclaim.

Seasonal eating and limiting the amount of factory-farmed or unsustainably harvested animal protein in our diets are a good idea for all of us, and don't have to be terrible expensive. Heck, I know that I am not alone in needing to do a bit LESS eating, and can see an advantage to lower quantities of food and higher quality.