Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Managing Your Pet's Renal Disease

I have concluded that I am an inherently lazy writer, and really see no reason to reinvent the wheel, either. Here's another excellent handout, already nicely written for you, about renal disease management.

My treatment approach in many cases differs slightly from what is in the handout. Our phosphorus management might include administration of a Vitamin D analog, or as an alternative we might use a phosphate binder - every case is different in this regard. And we do not generally use potentially dangerous blood transfusions to manage incurable chronic diseases. Unfortunately, we have found the hormonal anemia treatments to be virtually useless.

What is remarkable is how very much kidney failure management has changed in the past ten years. We had very few options at that time - diet and fluids were pretty much IT. Times have definitely changed - it is not unusual to have patients on a renal management protocol for two or three years - our Dusty passed the three year mark a while back, and she has the additional issue of hyperthyroidism to contend with.

Chronic kidney disease has become more like diabetes, in that it is manageable. It still will eventually prove fatal in most cats, but over time clients come to accept what is happening, so it's not as traumatic for everybody as it used to be.