Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FAQs About Microchipping

Another handy handout from my favorite online veterinary resource, this time about those wonderful microchips for identification in case your cat gets lost. This past winter we were able to reunite two lost cats with their owners (one was slightly injured and needed medical attention). I have chipped my own kitties and feel a lot less afraid about the possibility of them escaping in case of an earthquake or other mishap (I do not allow my cats out at all).

We can place the chip most easily if your cat is already sedated/anesthetized for another procedure. When you make an appointment for a procedure, mention that you also would like a chip placed and we will be happy to do it. We currently charge $55 as an add-on, or $80 if we do it in the exam room where we must give a mild sedation/pain medication due to the large needle size. Fees are subject to change without notice.