Thursday, February 19, 2009

We Won!!!!

Thanks to the combined efforts of the CVMA, AVMA, veterinarians, pet owners, livestock owners, and friends of animals across the United States, Governor Schwarzenegger's ill-conceived plan to tax veteinary medical services has gone down to defeat. The proposal would have increased the cost of care by 10% and caused untold suffering in addition to jeopardizing food safety and public health. Thanks to all of our clients who helped with the phone and letter campaign.

We all need to be vigilant, however - the state budget could be revised in the future and we may have to fight this battle all over again. And there is still very quiet talk about removing the sales tax exemption from veterinary prescription drugs and diets.
CVMA especially deserves thanks for spearheading the opposition to this tax. You may email letters of appreciation to them at: Click on the "contact us" button in the upper left corner