Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cat's Treatment Inspires Owner To Help CSU Center

Most of you know that I went to veterinary school at Colorado State University. One of my professors there, and one of my favorites, was Dr. Steve Withrow. He was an internist with a special interest in veterinary oncology, which was in its infancy at that time (I know, I'm dating myself). He went on to do great things in the field of animal cancer treatment, such as developing limb-sparing treatment for appendicular osteosarcoma (a deadly cancer of the long bones of the legs which is primarily a canine problem).

Well, now he has gone and pioneered this treatment in a cat (who admittedly had the good fortune to belong to a founder of Cisco Systems).

The end result is a happy owner, a happy cat, and probably lots of money to fund more good works by my alma mater. I'm gonna have a glass of wine in quiet celebration.