Friday, March 12, 2010

Nature's Variety Expands Nationwide Voluntary Recall to Include All Raw Frozen Chicken Diets with Any "Best If Used By" Date On or Before 2/5/11

Well, the raw meat diet people have done it again: massive Salmonella contamination. This comes as no surprise. Raw poultry is pretty much always contaminated with Salmonella bacteria these days, and often Campylobacter, too. This is why you will never hear me recommending the feeding of raw meat to cats. And don't think beef is magically exempt from the problem - it's not. It just tends to have different bacteria doing the contamination.

Of course nobody should expect that raw meat, or produce, or even milk are sterile - they are NOT. But the contamination with disease-causing organisms is an ongoing problem, and one that requires far greater regulatory oversight than it has received in recent years.

For information on foodborne diseases, which can affect humans who handle raw meat just as easily as the pets that eat it, go to the FDA's Animal & Veterinary page, Food Safety page, and for the truly adventurous, their Bad Bug Book.

As always, if you stick with my advice to feed only a high quality commercial kibble cat food (or in some cases canned), both of which are COOKED, you avoid the risk of this sort of problem.