Friday, March 12, 2010

Cats Attracted To ADHD Drug, A Feline Poison

Science News is reporting that Adderall XR, the extended release form of an ADHD drug for humans, has become a common cause of poisoning in cats. Apparently they like the taste of it, and a single 20 mg capsule can kill the average sized cat.

Cats are infrequently poisoned by human medications because they are so sensitive to the bad taste that most of them have, but Adderall seems to have a taste cats find attractive.

The drug is a stimulant, and can cause dangerous agitation and elevations in heart rate and blood pressure. If your cat ingests it, you have a medical emergency which requires immediate treatment.

PLEASE keep this and ALL medications, whether OTC or prescription, out of the reach of your cats. If you have a child taking this specific medication it is imperative that you ensure that the pills are never spilled onto the floor where a cat can find them. And always assume that your own medications are dangerous to cats. Another common cause of feline poisoning is an owner administering a human medication in an attempt to treat a perceived medical problem without first seeking veterinary advice.

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