Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Alma Mater

While fooling around on the computer I found the website for the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at my alma mater, Colorado State University. Things sure have changed since I graduated in 1982.

At the time, the VTH was almost brand new (ours was the second class to use it). In the years since, it has expanded tremendously, and the front entrance has been redesigned at least once and is apparently now being redesigned again. I hardly recognize the place!

The CSU Animal Cancer Center even has its own website.

Here's their brochure, chock full of information about the services they provide. I even see some familiar faces in there - a little older and grayer but still the fine doctors and teachers they always were.

I realize that few of my clients in Southern California will ever have need of this information, but they might know folks in Colorado with pets who don't realize what a fabulous facility is available in Fort Collins. And because the internet is such an amazing thing, many people in far off places can benefit from the information I post here.

Plus, I just feel like bragging about the place.