Saturday, May 26, 2012

Keep Fluffy Away From That Medical Cannabis

Here's an excellent article from Boulder, CO (of course) about the hazards of marijuana in dogs and cats. This had sort of dropped off my radar, since I just do cats and they aren't often poisoned because of their discriminating taste buds, but young cats especially might be tempted to ingest the edible form. I've only seen one patient in my career that got into trouble with cannabis - a young dog, probably over 25 years ago, was presented for lethargy and stumbling around. The owner was reluctant to talk about what had happened but eventually confessed to having left something tasty out where the dog found it. I assured him I wasn't going to call the police, and the dog didn't require hospital care. These days, with so many people using medical cannabis the risk to pets is going to be higher. Be safe with your meds and keep them out of the reach of pets at all times, just like you would for children.