Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Hit-by-car Stray.......

Well I was overdue for a post anyway, so I may as well cover the latest excitement at Cat's Meow Veterinary Clinic. Around noon an earnest young man walked in with a stray cat he had just found in the street, injured. Poor kitty appears to have been hit by car and he probably has a fractured pelvis. He's very sweet and gentle, and doesn't seem very disturbed by the whole experience. He just has a lot of trouble standing and walking.

So we gave him some medications for pain, inflammation, and to guard against infection, and am letting him have a little rest overnight as our guest. The young man can't adopt him but he'll be checking in tomorrow to see what has developed. If he seems stable we will probably sedate him and get radiographs tomorrow (the cat, that is, not the human).

Kitty is about 7 months old, not neutered yet, has no microchip, and is a Domestic Medium Hair gray tabby/white bicolor - a gorgeous cat! I have temporarily dubbed him Mr. Happy because, well, in spite of his situation he seems happy.

Mr. Happy has been radiographed and neutered (he should have been named Mr Stinky). He has a fractured pelvis and will need cage rest, stool softeners, and pain medication for a while but we expect a full recovery. And a very good client is probably going to be his new mom when he is good to go in about a month.

We don't normally hospitalize cats with pelvic fractures for a month, BTW, but he needs confinement of some sort and that's the sort we have here. In a private home he would be housed in a bathroom or other smallish room.