Saturday, July 30, 2011

10 Bats Test Positive for Rabies in Moorpark

Here I go again with another rabies post - but we can never do enough to get the word about this very real deadly disease threat in our own neighborhood. Moorpark, like much of Los Angeles County, has a bat rabies problem. And these rabid bats can and do get inside people's homes on a regular basis. So this report from the Sacramento Bee comes as absolutely NO surprise. Well, other than that we have to find out about this from a newspaper up north.....

This serves as a reminder that we need to keep our cats (and dogs) current on their rabies vaccinations at all times and regardless of their lifestyles. Rabies vaccine is extremely safe and highly effective, so there is no medical justification for not giving it (other than recent fever or physical debilitation).

And of course annual rabies vaccinations are an important time for your cat to get its annual or semi-annual physical exam to ensure that all its health needs are being met.

Read more about rabies at CDC's web page.