Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Safety, Etc.

It's that time of year again, and we need to remind clients of the many household dangers to cats that are unique to this time of year. I posted about this two years ago (I have been blogging two years??).

If you are looking to give kitty a holiday gift or two, remember to choose toys carefully. Avoid playing with anything involving string, thread, yarn, ribbon, newspaper ties etc. Catnip mice are always lots of safe fun. Toys made of sisal rope are NOT a good idea - I have seen one cat die as a result of ingesting this tough indigestible fiber. Our Pancake really loves her fuzzy little creatures (similar to these)- she can easily pick them up and carry them around, which she can't do with larger, heavier toys. And sometimes the best toy is just a cardboard box with a couple of doors cut into it.

Pointsettia WILL make your cat vomit so much it will need a trip to the vet, which can get costly on a holiday weekend, so let people who don't have cats display them, or keep yours where no kitties can get near it.

I will be out of town for a full week over the Christmas holiday so plan your visits accordingly. I'm leaving the 22nd and will be back to work on the 29th. The office will be open short hours while I am gone and Alison will be here to help you with your medication and food needs and scheduling appointments. Emergency care is available at VSV. If you have routine needs that can't wait until I get back, Capri Plaza Pet Clinic is the nearest alternate day practice to us.