Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Healthy Cat Campaign

Cats are America's No. 1 pet, with more than 80 million in U.S. homes according to the AVMA. But they receive far less veterinary care than dogs. In an effort to counter this sad situation, Morris Animal Foundation has launched the Happy Healthy Cat Campaign to help ensure that cats get their fair share of health care and medical research.

Morris now has a website chock full of information on cat health, research success stories, and resources for cat owners:

A DVD and brochure are also available if you're interested.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of feline health issues and increase funding for feline health research. This ties in with Morris's support of CATalyst, a new organization that seeks to improve feline health and welfare.

I'm going to stick a link for this site over in the list on the right side of the blog page for quick reference.